Emma Bakes, White chocolate selection box – perfect for milky bar lovers everywhere

White chocolate selection box

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like no matter how productive I am, my to-do list keeps on growing that bit faster and often even though I have the best intentions to buy people really thoughtful gifts, sometimes I lose track of time.  If this sounds familiar, our white chocolate selection box might just be the thing for you, particularly if someone you’re buying for is a massive milky bar lover. 

White chocolate selection box, EmmaBakes

The EmmaBakes white chocolate selection box is filled with three gorgeously creamy artisan, handcrafted chocolates that’ll bring a big smile to someone’s face. Cookies and Cream, Jelly Bean truffles and Jazzies chocolates. Colourful, vibrant and fun. This is a joyful and nostalgic postal gift ready to send out for Birthdays, special occasions or ‘just because.’ Equally lovely as solo, personal indulgences too. Why not?

Our range of luxury handmade chocolates at EmmaBakesElevateThis are a simple and thoughtful way to send a little love through the post to show you care – no fuss ordering and speedy delivery for every occasion. We offer a huge range of dairy, vegan friendly and gluten free options to choose from and provide unique gift boxes filled with delicious and beautifully decorated confectionery that you wouldn’t find in the shop. Super simple for you and a lovely surprise for the receiver, perfect.

Obviously, if you are the BIGGEST FAN of the Cookies and Cream or the Jazzies chocolates, then you can still buy them as individual boxes in my shop too. Something for everyone.

Fancy something a little different?

We can’t all like the same things and that difference is possibly the best thing about being human; we are all unique and so have different favourites. So if you love white chocolate but would prefer something else, then we have you covered:

Why not try our Turkish Delight chocolates? They are dreamy and delicate scented with vanilla, rose and orange blossom water.

Turkish Delight Chocolate, EmmaBakes

Or perhaps our strawberries and cream chocolates are for you? I really love these ones, bursting with freeze dried strawberries and orange zest, these flavours are absolutely beautiful with the creamy chocolate.

Strawberries and Cream chocolates, EmmaBakes

Or maybe for a bit of texture and colour, our raspberry and pistachio white chocolate truffles would be for you.

Raspberry and Pistachio chocolates, EmmaBakes

Which one would be your favourite? Let us know.