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Scrub is a small company based in Nottinghamshire, with 5 ladies producing a selection of handmade relaxing bath products alongside body and home fragrances too. Learn more about their beginnings, their recommendations for great gift ideas and more about their collection. 

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How did you get into creating relaxing bath products?

Elaine, our manager at Scrub, has been creating bath products for years. She has always had a creative streak and decided to take the leap to starting her own bath and body business in 2007 and then from there it has just grown. 

Relaxing bath products, The Scrub Shop UK

Why do you think it’s important to support small businesses?

Small businesses really appreciate every sale that they make and they might need that sale to keep them going. 

The more small businesses we can support, the more you are helping to support your community. 

What do you think makes a great gift?

I believe a great gift is a thoughtful one and something a little different.

What are your top tips for finding the right gift for someone?

Think of that person; what reminds you of them? What do they like? When you have that in your mind, imagine how you would feel if they got you that gift and that might help. 

What are your recommendations for favourite places to buy gifts?

My favourite places to buy gifts are Etsy and The British Craft House – both full of amazing small businesses.

What is the best gift you have ever received?

Here are some thoughts from our team:

My favourite gift was a surprise weekend away with my children and grandchildren, spending time together and making memories. – Elaine

My favourite gift was a holiday to Rome with my best friend – we had wanted to go since we were 13 so it made the most special 18th present from my mum. – Meg

When Mark (my husband) proposed to me on our first ever abroad holiday. – Lynn

My TTR. – Jess

When I first came to England from Poland my mum gave me a ring that she had been hers for 20 years to take with me. – Evie

Have a look at their Etsy shop to see the whole collection. There’s some lovely gift ideas here.

Scrub have such an impressive range of goodies I’m sure that you’ll find something that you’ll love. The Christmas range looks fab, full of pampering boxes, room scents and festive soap bars. Lovely pressie ideas for all year round too. Their gift sets look absolutely gorgeous; so thoughtfully put together and made up of sustainably sourced natural ingredients. I’d go for their Lavender range, but what would you choose? 

Christmas gifts, The Scrub Shop UK

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