Must have mini eggs desserts for Easter

Must have mini eggs desserts for Easter

Easter is the time for celebration, togetherness and of course chocolate. Mini eggs for me are the Queen of Easter chocolates. I know I’m not alone in this but I get so excited the first time I spot them on the shelves after Christmas. Delicious, completely addictive and playful they really lend themselves to Easter baking so well. If you’re on the hunt for must have mini eggs desserts look no further. This is choc full of easy crowd pleasers all available on my blog. 

Mini eggs Easter cake

Let’s start with an Easter showstopper of a cake. This easy peasy chocolate cake is a one bowl recipe, no fancy mixers needed. A chocolate bundt topped with indulgent, silky smooth chocolate ganache icing, drizzled with coloured white chocolate and filled to the brim with mini eggs. Everyone will go crazy for this simple crowd pleaser – give the mini eggs Easter cake a go, you won’t regret it. 

Easter nests

Looking for a cute bake? Look no further than these Easter nests. Instead of chocolate cornflake cakes, you’ve got a yummy vanilla baked doughnut base, topped with chocolate icing, sprinkles and mini eggs. A great bake to get the kids in on. No fancy equipment needed and then doughnuts cook in under 10 minutes. Seriously speedy and satisfying. 

Mini eggs chocolate fudge 

Want a no bake Easter dessert? Give our mini eggs chocolate fudge a go. White chocolate lovers will go crazy for this. Cheats fudge, no sugar thermometers needed, swirled with spring colours and filled and topped with oh so many mini eggs. Such a treat. Let your fridge do all the hard work here my friends. They make fab homemade gifts as well, just saying.

Giant mini eggs pop tart

This bake is just as happy on the dessert table or as one heck of a treat of a brunch. Our giant mini eggs pop tart is a chocolate lovers heaven. Simple pastry recipe, filled with nutella, topped with chocolate icing, mini eggs and a white chocolate drizzle. So much fun. Give this a go for something a little different this Easter. 

Easter egg millionaires shortbread

A playful twist on a classic. Our Easter egg millionaires shortbread has all the best bits of a classic millionaires shortbread, but made using cute Easter egg cutters and topped with a white chocolate and mini egg decoration. Just like Easter eggs. So pretty. Shortbread keeps so well, so these are great to make ahead. 

Mini eggs ice cream

This is one special, fuss free no churn ice cream. Mini eggs ice cream should be kept in the freezer at all times whenever you need a sweet fix. Another great no bake dessert that the kids can get stuck into. Give it a mix and leave to set in the freezer until you need it. 

All the recipes for the must have mini eggs desserts are available on my blog. Happy eating! 

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