Our Story

Find out who you are and do it on purpose – Dolly Parton

Hi there, my name is Emma and I began Emma Bakes Elevate This in 2020 in Sussex in the UK. It all began as a hobby, a happy distraction born out of furlough in the midst of pandemic chaos and uncertainty. Driven by complete enthusiasm, excitement and a passion that had always been there under the surface to create playful, vibrant and unique chocolates and confection for special occasions. I am always learning. I love to experiment with new techniques, flavours and styles and that is what motivates me to create. 

Mini Birthday Cake chocolates, Emma Bakes Elevate This

Baking was such a big part of my childhood. Growing up with this generosity and love to make every occasion, no matter how small, special through food, making celebration cakes and adorning the table with gorgeous treats has stayed with me ever since.  It is this playfulness and feeling of joy that I hope to bring to others during their celebrations. It is important to me that each handmade gift is uniquely and thoughtfully designed, full of colour and flavour and will show them how much they mean to you from the gift you choose to send. 

All you need is love Ruby chocolates hamper, Emma Bakes Elevate This

Food has the beautiful ability to bring everyone together and that is why I do my best to offer a full range of vegan, gluten free and dairy products to choose from; everyone should feel special and taken care of through the loving gestures we make and I want to make every effort for everyone to feel this way regardless of dietary need. 

Mini Eggs white chocolate fudge, Emma Bakes Elevate This

Quality, great taste, style and brilliant service are things that I hope my business will be known for but most importantly a shop that offers homemade gifts that make someone smile. 

Christmas Pudding chocolates, Emma Bakes Elevate This

Take a stroll around my shop here, there’s always new things popping up, so let me know what you think.