About me

Chocolate honeycomb meringues

Find out who you are and do it on purpose – Dolly Parton

I am a total enthusiast – when I like something, I love it and excitement and greed have always motivated me to try new things.

Cooking, and particularly baking, was such a big part of my childhood.  There was often a cheeky cake waiting for us when we got in from school or swimming, and every year we would look forward to the wonderful creations my Mum would make for our birthdays. Growing up with this generosity and love to make every occasion, no matter how small, special has stayed with me ever since.

I am not an expert and don’t confess to have all the answers, particularly with such inspiration and ingenuity around in this area already. Yet, years of watching and learning has given me the confidence to experiment and have a go. I love to tinker with new and well-loved ingredients, and create new recipes and will share all of this with you, as well as, and maybe more importantly, the things that don’t quite go to plan. After all, these are the moments that can ultimately lead to something even better than you first thought!

Small details make big moments memorable and food is only part of the story, so there will be lots of tips on design and making the most of your space for celebrations here too. Finding recipes and decorations that are simple and that ultimately value your time are winners for me.  It is the thoughtfulness that you put into something, not the length of time it takes to prepare, that really matters.

Elevate this is about appreciating the ingredients you have and using others to bring out their flavours. It’s about styling out any occasion by visualising the big picture and breaking it down to individual tasks to make it more achievable. It’s also about going that little step further and being just a bit too much to make everything spectacular!

Happy reading