White chocolate sparkle ice cream

White chocolate sparkle ice cream. My sister is a white chocolate fiend and every time I make white chocolate anything, I always have her in mind. For her no matter how much chocolate you add, you can always add that little bit more.

I created this ice cream around her Birthday and this really does have its party dress on. White chocolate, vanilla and sprinkles, simply magical.

For me, creating should always bring you joy, and this ice cream certainly makes me smile. It’s such a hopeful and playful treat, I don’t think you could be sad eating a scoopful of this. Add a dash of edible glitter if you fancy even more shimmer. Why not?

White chocolate sparkle ice cream


300ml double cream

½ tin condensed milk (of a 397g tin)

¼ tsp salt

4 tbsp white chocolate spread

1 vanilla pod (plus a little extra vanilla extract if you really want to add to the vanilla flavour)

50g sprinkles

70g white chocolate chunks

1 tbsp liquid glucose

Edible glitter sprinkled on top (optional)

Method for White chocolate sparkle ice cream

Chop the white chocolate pieces into fine shards ready to sprinkle onto the ice cream before it goes in the freezer. Measure out the sprinkles. Leave both to one side for later.

Add the double cream, condensed milk, salt, white chocolate spread and vanilla pod to a food mixer and begin to whisk.

When the cream begins to form soft peaks and you can see the whisk indentations in the cream add in the liquid glucose.

When the cream is whipped enough that it holds a peak when you lift the whisk out, its ready to put in your air-tight container. This happens very quickly, maybe 3 minutes on fast speed so keep an eye on it or you’ll come back to butter. Not what you want.

Add in about a third of your white chocolate shards and sprinkles to the bottom of the container.

Add in a third of the ice cream mixture on top of the chocolate and sprinkles. Repeat twice more. Once you have added all of the mixture and toppings put the lid on and then put the container into a sealable bag. This will help prevent ice crystals forming in your ice cream while it is in the freezer.

Leave to freeze for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight.

Once frozen this will last about 2 months in the freezer to have whenever you fancy.


White chocolate is tricky to work with. I tried a few ways to include it into this recipe and none of them really worked – every time I put white chocolate near any of the ingredients the cream mixture would seize up. Very antisocial.  My solution, use white chocolate spread. This worked really well and adding the white chocolate shavings in layers adds to the texture and avoids folding them into the mix, which might risk losing the air that has been whisked into the cream.

Don’t fold the sprinkles into the cream, just add it in layers when pouring the mixture into the container. I tried folding sprinkles in once in but the colour started to run and then I ended up with a green tinted ice cream. Not the most appealing.

Two ways to help your no churn ice cream have a lovely soft scoop set is either to include alcohol or liquid glucose. As I wanted this recipe to be suitable for all ages, I opted for the liquid glucose here.

Finding ice crystals in your ice cream when you take it out of the freezer is the last thing you want. I have had this problem more than once. Ways that I have found that avoid this are to use a really good air-tight container, like the ones that seal onto the sides when you seal them. Cover the top of the ice cream with cling film or put the whole container into a plastic sealable sandwich bag and then into the freezer.

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