Vegan self-care from Etsy. Taking care of yourself and our environment. Win, win.

Vegan self-care from Etsy. Taking care of yourself and our environment. Win, win.

Now, more than ever its so important to make time to look after ourselves. Go for a walk, take a bath, catch-up with friends (be it virtually), snuggle up with a good book and hot choccy, and generally carve out some me time. If we can include more vegan self-care products into our routine then all the better, in fact it’ll probably make you feel all the more relaxed and good about yourself. 

Double Chocolate Raspberry Truffles from EmmaBakesElevateThis
Double Chocolate Raspberry Truffles from EmmaBakesElevateThis

I recently joined Etsy selling a range of vegan chocolates and other treats and I thought it would be great to share other sellers that have a fab range of vegan goodies too that I’ve recently discovered that you might be interested in.

Lavender Candle by Vegan Bunny Co

I LOVE a scented candle, in fact I hate to say this, but as I get older, its something that makes me feel so happy having a lovely candle flickering in the evening sending beautiful aromas all around the room. Lavender is one of my go to scents when I want to unwind at the end of a long day, so this is great. Vegan Bunny Co has a huge range of natural vegan candles to choose from; chai latte, rose, ginger and orange to name a few, that there is bound to be something to suit you. 

If you want to buy this or any other candle from this super range visit their Etsy shop.

Vegan self care – Bath Noodles by We Are Paper Plane

These bath noodles by We Are Paper Plane bring the biggest smile to my face. So much fun! I love the range of scents to choose from; Singapore Spice, Tangy Thai and Vietnamese Fresh; everything to revive and reingvigorate you; to exfoliate and moisturise your skin; lush. These would be great gifts too, really unique and knowing that you’re supporting a business that champions natural products with biodegradable plastic free packaging, is even better. 

To buy this or any other products in their beauty range or lots of other goodies, visit their Etsy shop to find out more.

Vegan self care – Essential Oils by Mabel and Millar

Continuing our journey or relaxation and reflection, alongside Lavendar, ylang ylang and sweet orange are absolutely perfect to unwind with. This essential oil range can be used in an oil burner or diffuser and left to gently permeate the room and send you into your calm happy place, with a good book. I didn’t realise this, but you can also add a drop to your favourite body butter or oil and take this comforting smell around with you whereever you go. Dreamy. 

If you’re interested in this or other gifts to support relaxation and meditation visit their Etsy shop.

Vegan Lip Butter & Lip Tint Gift Set by Plumpy Balms

Now, I can take or leave a massage, but cosmetics and beauty products are my self care go to. I love a good body butter, face mask or lippy so the vegan lip butters and tints from Plumpy Balms are right up my street. With a huge range of fragrances from lemon, strawberry, pineapple, rose, banana, mint and raspberry there is something for everyone and some great gift sets too to pass on the joy. I think I’d be tempted by the rose; I love its perfumed sweet fragrance but to be honest with choices like this, you could have a few and pick to suit your mood. 🙂

If you’d like to stock up on your favourite flavours, visit their Etsy shop now. 

Vegan self care – Vegan chocolates and treats from Emma Bakes Elevate This

Let me paint you a picture; after all of that relaxation aided from your scented candle from Vegan Bunny Co, enjoyed alongside your bath noodles from We Are Paper Plane, and then that soothing calm from your essential oils provided by Mabel and Millar with your lips a buzzing; plumped and refreshed by Plumpy Balms you are going to want to keep that feeling going for as long as possible, and what better way than relaxing with a box of choccies. I think its safe to say that most people have a soft spot for chocolate; its makes us feel good, all of those chemical inducing properties that make us feel joyous and comforted. I’ve recently launched a range of vegan chocolates on Etsy so from Chilli and cinnamon truffles and raspberry ripple valentines chocolates, to crowd pleasers like chocolate orange or peanut butter swirl fudge, how could you say no to one or two little indulgences proving that a little of what you fancy does you good. 

Fancy something sweet? Visit my shop for tasty inspiration.

These are some of my top Etsy vegan picks so far but I’m always on the lookout for more. I hope some of these bring you joy and relaxation over the dark winter nights. 

Looking for other vegan treats you can make yourself? Try my Cardamom and vanilla baked fruit or my Vegan chocolate peanut butter scones

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