Chocolate gift ideas – EmmaBakes selection box

Looking for a unique, thoughtful and most importantly tasty gift for friends of family? We’ve got some chocolate gift ideas that’ll be just the thing for you.  

This EmmaBakes selection box is full of yummy crowd pleasers; Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Coconut and Chilli and Cinnamon. A pressie that is perfect for Birthdays, special occasions or ‘just because.’ It would make a pretty fine solo treat if you fancied it too.

Chocolate gift ideas – selection box from EmmaBakes

All three of these handmade truffles have all been really popular gifts on my Etsy shop last year and so I decided to make a selection box of a few favourites. Mixed boxes are also super ways to try new flavours and find new favourites too. 

Chocolate Orange

Powerless before the mighty combo of chocolate orange? This is for you. Rich chocolate truffles infused with orange zest and Cointreau (a little optional extra) rolled in cocoa powder and topped with yet more orange for a vibrant citrus hit. 

Chilli and Cinnamon

Infused with chilli, cinnamon and whiskey (an optional extra) these intense truffles are rolled in cocoa powder and topped with a sprinkling of gold dust, for a touch of Mayan magic. Don’t worry, they won’t blow your socks off; the warming chilli kick builds after each bite, working with the cinnamon and other flavourings to leave a tingle on your tongue. Really special and one of my personal favourites.

Chocolate and Coconut 

Coconut scented and coated chocolate truffles; if you’re a fan of a certain chocolate bar, then this will be right up your street. You can also add a dash of coconut liqueur to really intensify the flavours if you like. Why not.

Available to buy on EmmaBakes Etsy shop now

Fancy something a little different?

Everyone is unique and that means we all have our favourites. So if you had something else in mind, why not try some of our other chocolate gift ideas. How about our After 8 truffles – these are deeply minty and gorgeous. Or how about salted caramel truffles, which are some of the smoothest and creamiest chocolates around. After something a bit different? Well why not try my Chocolate Cassis truffles, these are such a foodies favourite; rich chocolates flavoured with berries and creme de cassis and covered with purple sugar. Absolutely gorgeous. 

What are some of your favourite chocolate combos? Leave a comment and let me know.

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