Vegan Christmas gift ideas – Top 10 recommendations from Emma Bakes

Vegan top 10 Christmas Gift ideas – unique, tasty and thoughtful edible gifts this festive season

Personally, when I’m looking for gifts, I want something that looks like it has been made with care and love and will make someone smile. I want to know that I’ve bought something for them that they’ll love. Vegan Christmas gift ideas can sometimes feel tricky but shopping for vegan friendly gifts is no different and particularly when it comes to edible presents, I think it’s more important than ever that they taste and look amazing. Just as good as any non-vegan treat that you’d buy. No matter what someone’s dietary or lifestyle choices are, if you’re buying foodie gifts, they should tick all the boxes and I’ve got some recommendations that will do just that. Everything in our top 10 list of vegan gifts is bursting with the flavours of Christmas; perfect for the festive season. Any one of these will make amazing stocking filler, or secret santa gifts. Taste. Style. Substance. Take a look:

1. Vegan Christmas Pudding chocolates 

Vegan Christmas Pudding chocolates, EmmaBakesElevateThis

The Christmas Pudding Chocolates are some of our top sellers – rich truffles filled with spice, orange zest and mincemeat, coated in a delicate layer of chocolate and topped with your choice of decoration; choose from the classic white topped pudding decorated with edible gold sprinkles or a delicious topping of fruit and nuts.

2. Vegan Christmas Cake sweets

A unique handmade Christmas gift box full of artisan hand decorated cookie dough sweets, that look and taste exactly like Christmas cake, full festive cheer. Rich spiced cookie dough filled with spice, orange zest and mixed fruit, coated in a delicate layer of chocolate and topped and edible gold stars.

Vegan Christmas Cake sweets, EmmaBakesElevateThis

3. Vegan Chocolate selection box 

Vegan chocolate selection box; a range of three gorgeously rich vegan artisan, handcrafted chocolates that’ll bring a big smile to anyone’s face. Chocolate Orange, Chilli and Cinnamon and Coconut, for all those Bounty lovers out there. Vibrant, playful and packed with delicious crowd pleasers. All packed in a postal gift ready to send out for Birthdays, special occasions or ‘just because.’ Super gifts for foodies too.

4. Vegan Chocolate Orange truffles 

A classic pairing and a real crowd pleaser. Rich vegan chocolate orange truffles infused with orange zest and Cointreau (a little optional extra) rolled in cocoa powder and topped with yet more orange for a vibrant citrus hit. If you know someone that is powerless before the mighty combo of chocolate and orange and is a Terry’s Chocolate Orange lover, then these handmade luxury truffles are most definitely for them. Unique, dairy free sweets, a brilliant gift all year round.

5. Vegan Fruit and nut fudge  

Fruit and nuts are such a winning Christmas combo. Rich chocolate fudge pieces filled and topped with apricots, dried cranberries and a variety of nuts. Colourful, vibrant and tasty, what more could you ask for.

Vegan Fruit and nut fudge, EmmaBakesElevateThis

6. Tipsy truffles selection box 

The perfect all in one vegan-friendly chocolate gift set for anyone that loves mixing a chocolate truffle with their favourite tipple. A boozy collection filled with a range of unique handcrafted chocolates. Chocolate Cassis truffles. Chocolate Orange truffles, filled with orange zest and Cointreau. Chilli and Cinnamon flavoured with whiskey. Such a brilliant gift. They’ll love it.

7. Vegan chocolate coconut truffles 

Vegan Chocolate Coconut truffles, EmmaBakesElevateThis

The perfect gift for Bounty lovers everywhere. Rich and dark chocolate vegan truffles, with a drop or two of coconut liqueur and coconut extract and coated in a thick layer of toasted coconut. Gorgeous. 

8. Vegan chilli and cinnamon truffles

Rich chocolate vegan truffles infused with chilli, cinnamon and a touch of whiskey, rolled in cocoa powder and topped with yet more chocolate and a sprinkling of gold dust, for an intense chocolate hit. These truffles won’t blow your socks off, but the chilli kick builds after each bite, working with the cinnamon and other flavourings to leave a tingle on your tongue.

9. Vegan After 8 chocolates 

The Vegan After Eight Chocolates are rich and deliciously smooth dark chocolate truffles infused with peppermint and coated in tempered dark chocolate and a dark chocolate drizzle because there is always room for more. If you can’t get enough mint chocolate, these artisan mint truffles are for you. 

10. Vegan Chocolate Cassis truffles 

Vegan dark chocolate truffles filled with Cassis and blackcurrant jam, bursting with deep fruity flavours and covered in purple sugar decoration. Utterly delicious and beautiful.

Our range of luxury handmade chocolates at EmmaBakesElevateThis are a simple and thoughtful way to send a little love through the post to show you care – no fuss ordering and speedy delivery for every occasion. We offer a huge range of dairy, vegan friendly and gluten free options to choose from and provide unique gift boxes filled with delicious and beautifully decorated confectionery that you wouldn’t find in the shop. Super simple for you and a lovely surprise for the receiver, perfect.

What would be your favourite? Leave me a comment and let me know; I’d love to hear what you think. 

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