Bity Booker Art shop – unique art prints, illustrations and handmade gifts

Meet Bity Booker, a folk musician and illustrator. Bity Booker art shop offers a unique art prints, illustrations and handmade gifts including paper mache magnets and brooches. Learn more about how lockdown inspired her to begin her shop, her opinions on gift giving and supporting small businesses, and more her unique creations. 

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Gorgeous little extras when you buy from Bity Booker Art shop

How did you get into creating unique art prints, whimsical illustrations and paper mache artwork?

During lockdown I did not have any gigs to play and I was furloughed from my day job. So I have started illustrating a lot more and opened my little Art Shop on Etsy. It is something I always wanted to do but never had the time to.

Unique art prints and gift ideas, Bity Booker Art shop

Why do you think it’s important to support small businesses?

To foster creativity and love, we need a lot of both in this world.

What do you think makes a great gift?

Something that is bespoke, personal and has a great story to tell.

What are your top tips for finding the right gift for someone?

Getting the gift from a small business will tick all the boxes: unique, bespoke, personal and made with love!

What are your recommendations for favourite places to buy gifts?

I buy gifts on Etsy all the time. I love the care that people put into their creations, everything from the way is wrapped to a lovely handwritten note… to the object itself!

What is the best gift you have ever received?

I have recently received a hand-made candle which I love… it smells amazing and it was made by a lovely lady here in London. I like receiving things that are handmade and have a story!

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One of a kind gift ideas, Bity Booker Art shop

One of the things I love most about Bity’ shop, is the originality, thoughtfulness and creativity that you can see in everything she makes. I have bought a few things from Bity now, one of my favs was a turtle paper mache fridge magnet, such a lovely thing to have at home. Something that is even lovelier knowing that it has been handmade with love by a small business owner, creating things that bring them joy which rubs off on the people that buy them. Give Bity Booker Art Shop a look.

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